Offertune is an integrated online marketing tool; an advanced and easy-to-use system that can be used completely free-of-charge to engage your customers!

Offertune provides you with clever ways to:

  • Develop, expand and monetise your database
  • Drive sales and loyalty
  • Fill your quiet times
  • Reward your customers recommendations
  • Execute this strategy, cost free.

And all bundled in a simple and intuitive user interface – but if you would prefer, we can provide a bespoke and fully managed solution at low cost.


Offertune features

Safe, secure and flexible cloud-based marketing platform most suited to retail, entertainment and hospitality businesses.

A single place to manage your customer database and marketing campaigns.

Clear reporting and analysis

Full automation and delivery of your campaigns, along with scheduling and reminders.

Deliver your email marketing campaigns much cheaper than anywhere else!

Track and monitor social media sharing of your offers and promotions.